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Liberty helped Never Alone Home accomplish our goal and dream in a professional manner. Mr. Fletcher and his amazing team help us receive our license FAST and move forward with becoming business owners.

  • Address : 2926 W. Wishart St.
  • Contact Person: Rosalyn
  • Contact Number: 2674145058
  • Website: www.neveralonehcs.com
  • Areas of Service: Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks

I did Business with Liberty Licensing, they were very professional and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone, if you have not tried Liberty, I encourage you to try them today!

  • Address : 8033 Old York Road,Suite 216 B
  • Contact Person: Fabyia
  • Contact Number: 215-600-3434
  • Website: abingtoncaregivers.com
  • Areas of Service: Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware

My experience with Liberty licensing was very good, they were pending in the whole process to obtain my license and not only that but to be able to run the business … thanks to all

  • Address : 980 Harmony Hill Dr
  • Contact Person: Luis
  • Contact Number: 7173045976
  • Website: www.wicareagency.com
  • Areas of Service: Lebanon, Lancaster

Liberty gave me great confidence to start my new agency “Sister’s Best Care Services” and guided me through the necessary steps and training to be successful. thank you Liberty.

  • Address : 7055 guilford road
  • Contact Person: RAMATA
  • Contact Number: 2158214639
  • Website: na
  • Areas of Service: delaware, philadelphia, chester, montgomery

My Experience With Liberty Licensing team has been nothing but positivity. Thank you Liberty and Mr. Fletcher for helping my dream come true.

  • Address : 6151 n Fairhill st
  • Contact Person: Ericka
  • Contact Number: 2156699216
  • Website: Serenehomecare.org
  • Areas of Service: All Pa counties


  • Address : 48 N AVON DR
  • Contact Person: catherine
  • Contact Number: 2672445628
  • Website: na
  • Areas of Service: United States

Liberty licensing is a everything that I was looking for to help me transition from caregiver to agency owner. Purposeful Living Homecare LLC is a licenced Agency because of a great team. Thanks so much.

Thank you Attorney Fletcher and Lauren for helping me become the business owner I have always wanted to be. I was notified of my license approval in 8 days after Lauren prepared and sent my

  • Address : 207 lillibridge st,Apt.1
  • Contact Person: Dorothea
  • Contact Number: 5708625933
  • Website: Elitehomecaregivers.com
  • Areas of Service: Lackawanna

Liberty Licensing provided the support and knowledge I needed to start my own home care business. What was once a dream is now a reality, thanks to Liberty Licensing. Their process is thorough and efficient

  • Address : 471 dorchester lane
  • Contact Person: Lisa
  • Contact Number: 215 622 5067
  • Website: na
  • Areas of Service: bucks montgomery

Liberty Licensing team presented Business In-A-Box with poise, honesty and professionalism. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Liberty continues to be a great experience.

  • Address : 6411 Market Street
  • Contact Person: Bernice
  • Contact Number: 2157584528
  • Website: design Homecare
  • Areas of Service: USA

I enjoyed my experience with liberty it was very beneficial they are very knowledgeable and efficient I don’t think you can go wrong with them.

  • Address : 1401 Magee ave
  • Contact Person: Karl
  • Contact Number: 2672696266
  • Website: Www.humbleheart.com
  • Areas of Service: Philadelphia

I did business with Liberty they were very knowledgeable and professional I’m happy with the conduct and I would recommend anyone looking to get into the field to go see them

  • Address : 1401 Magee ave
  • Contact Person: Karl
  • Contact Number: 2672696266
  • Website: Www.humbleheart.com
  • Areas of Service: Philadelphia

Right Now Home Care, LLC. would like to thank Liberty for their swift and due diligence in helping my business create a solid foundation to grown on.  “Right Now Home Care, LLC.”

  • Address : 204 Steven st
  • Contact Person: Pamela
  • Contact Number: 2677607312
  • Website: no
  • Areas of Service: Philadelphia

I would like to thank every one at Liberty Consultants for all the help they have provided me in the process of fulfilling my dream of opening a home care business. I have had the

  • Address : 591 Rosalie Street
  • Contact Person: Tamako
  • Contact Number: 267-979-4197
  • Website: www.anniespersonalcare.com
  • Areas of Service: united states

I am amazed on how quickly we became licensed. I appreciate Lauren and Taylor for the quick responses to questions and concerns. Thank you! Caring Professionals Home Care, LLC.

  • Address : 6016 Hasbrook Ave
  • Contact Person: Jessica
  • Contact Number: 2158334882
  • Website: n/a
  • Areas of Service: phila, mont, bucks, delaware

The staff at Liberty Licensing and Consulting ate very knowledgeable about the home care industry. They provide you will all the tools and training to be successful in this industry. I want to thank them

  • Address : 2729 Willits Road
  • Contact Person: Candice
  • Contact Number: 2676186593
  • Website: www.hhwhllc.com
  • Areas of Service: philadelphia, delaware county, montgomery

Thank you Liberty Licensing for exceeding my expectations! This agency is professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. They take you step by step through the process of becoming a licensed home care owner. They definitely get the

  • Address : 4014 Lyman Dr.
  • Contact Person: Danielle
  • Contact Number: 215-268-7862
  • Website: mylovingsolution.com
  • Areas of Service: philadelphia, bucks, delaware, montgomery

Liberty Licensing & Consulting has been a blessing in my life. They’ve been very attentive to the needs of Abundantly Blessed Home Care LLC with setting our business up and getting things organized. I don’t

  • Address : 1500 Walnut Street Suite 700-21a
  • Contact Person: LaDonna
  • Contact Number: 215-906-0911 or 215-867-9564
  • Website: abundantlyblessedhomecarellc.com
  • Areas of Service: Philadelphia,bucks,Chester,Montgomery & Delaware