Direct Care Staff Person Training Course and Competency Test

Direct Care Staff Person Training Course and Competency Test:

All direct care staff persons hired after Oct. 31, 2007, who will provide unsupervised Activities of Daily Living (ADL) services must successfully complete the course and pass the competency test in accordance with 55 Pa.Code § 2600.65(d)(2) and (d)(3) (relating to direct care staff person training and orientation). The course/test MUST be completed prior to direct care staff persons providing unsupervised ADL services.

Please be aware that the Department does not maintain a database of individuals who complete the course/test. Therefore, please ensure that you print out your certificate of completion before logging off, as this is the only proof provided regarding completion of the course/test.

Please also note that each individual taking the course/test must successfully log out of the course/test before another individual logs in to take the course/test. A certificate of completion will not print properly and/or be accurate if this is not done.

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